Have a PC with a virus? Let us help.
Our knowledgeable computer technicians have worked on everything from Compaq to HP's. We can remove virus's, install parts, rebuild PC's, do data transfers, and even build your son or daughter a customer gaming machine. Please see our detailed service list below. As with our printer repairs both on-site and in-house services are available.

Have a laptop that's not charging? We can fix that too.
We are one of the few repair facilities that will work on laptops also. From software installs to re soldering components to the motherboard, our tech can help. Have a mother board the needs to be replaced, we will do it in-house. No more waiting 4 weeks for someone to ship it back to you.

  • iPhone Support
  • Broadband Installation
  • Computer Network Design & Installation
  • Data Backup / Data Recovery / Data Transfer
  • Desktop Computer Setup & Service
  • Laptop Computer Setup & Service
  • Maintenance and Emergency Services
  • Point
  • Route & Firewall Configuration
  • Server Setup & Service
  • Software Installation / Updates
  • Virus & Spyware Detection & Removal
  • Wireless LAN Setup
  • And much more